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Blogs are an important means of Content Marketing. It gives the service provider or seller the opportunity to talk about his product/ service. Excite readers with promising opinions/registration amongst their peers or bait them with a 'Limited Offer upon Registration'. The idea is that if they have spent time to read your blog, it implies they are interested with what you have for sale. 'Registration' will help you file in their details and reach out to them later via emailers and newsletters.

If your blog or article promises 15 free tips on a certain relevant topic, hold back two. If they have gotten to Tip #13, it is most likely they will want to read the whole article, which means if you prompt them to register with you, they are most likely to do so just to finish the article. Snippets from an e-book or making a downloadable PDF available only to registered users, are other ways to boost Lead Generation

Engaging users with interesting and informative visuals is always a welcome approach. If you have the time, create a Webinar to educate your prospective clients on your product or services. However, in order to view the webinar, users need to sign-up – that's the catch. If your content leading up to the webinar is compelling, and you have targeted your audience correctly, your pop-up form will get filled out. It has been studied that adding a 'counter' or indicating that time is running out to sign-up, instills a sense of urgency with the user, who ends up quickly signing up for the webinar then and there.

Social Media is where all the excitement is. Everyone spends at least one hour a day on at least one social media platform. Social Media gives people the opportunity to voice their opinions on everything under the sun. The smart marketer pays close attention to what his target audience is indulging in. Engaging with prospective clients via simple contests, is a great way to find leads.

Creating articles with lists and tracking users who read the article and downloaded it, gives us valuable information about the user's preferences. For instance if you run a Travel and Tour Agency you could carry lists such as Top Ten Places to Visit This Summer, Fifteen of the world's cheapest travel destinations, and so on. People who download these lists after feeding in their personal info are potential travelers. Add them to your mailing list and shoot out an emailer with more details and links.

Customers expect service around the clock. Sometime your social media response time may not live up to customer expectation. That's where an efficient chatbot can work some magic. The chatbot does not merely render troubleshooting services, but it can also serve as a means of lead generation by collecting relevant data from users such as contact details and their specific requirements.

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